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Top Employers in Polk County

With over 2,000 square miles of diverse landscape, Polk County is a prime location for businesses in manufacturing, logistics, distribution, research & technology, medical services, agriculture, or business services to call home.  

See what employers top the list for the largest number of employees in Polk County.  To download the list as a PDF, click here.  


Total Number of Employees in Polk County: 232,114

Source: InfoGroup Employer Database 2015 ed. 1
Prepared by: Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO), Bureau of Labor Market Statistics

*Note: DEO cannot verify the accuracy of this vendor's report.
**Note: Some of these employers listed may be duplicative due to this source's use of telephone book listing to compile data (especially hospitals & government offices)

**Note:   Polk County BoCC employment number updated per county records 4/2015

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