Enter the Global Marketplace

Global connectivity and access are critical to running your business. Polk County provides access to U.S. and Latin American markets within hours. Anchoring the high-tech I-4 corridor between Tampa and Orlando, Polk County is one of the state’s most-connected regions – with numerous airports, rail lines, highways and ports all located within an hour from the county.

There’s a reason why LEGOLAND® Florida Resort, Amazon and CSX all call Polk County, Florida home. Ideally located between two major metro areas, Polk County boasts a fertile business environment that offers a potent blend of connectivity, workforce talent and low operating costs.

While considering relocating your business, you are simultaneously looking to grow and prosper here with family.

Polk County has the quality of life you’re looking for:

  • Lower cost of living
  • Perfectly positioned between Tampa and Orlando for quick access to big city amenities
  • Vibrant downtowns and thriving cultural communities
  • 239 sunny days each year
  • Virtually endless outdoor recreational opportunities
  • World-class beaches and theme parks including Walt Disney World within close proximity

The Polk Global Trade Alliance (PGTA) serves as a catalyst for the growth of international trade and investment in Central Florida. The PGTA is an initiative of the CFDC and was created to incorporate global trade more directly into Polk County’s broader regional economic development strategy.

We work with leadership at the Foreign Trade Zone No. 79 (FTZ No. 79) and others to advocate for trade and intellectual property issues, identify opportunistic international markets, and help facilitate import / export opportunities for businesses in Polk County, Central Florida and Tampa Bay.

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