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The latest headlines

Expert Cancer Care in Polk County

Three cancer centers call Polk County home, ensuring expert care for thousands of people and the workforce in Central Florida. In Polk, Central Florida businesses, will find top notch health resources for their employees. Winter Haven Hospital’s Cassidy Care Center is the only one in the eastern side of Polk County, operated by BayCare. It offers […]

Bills Awaiting Governor’s Signature Benefit the Future of Florida

Two bills waiting for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ signature are important to the future of the Central Florida economy. The first is part of the Multi-use Corridors of Regional Economic Significance (M-CORES) Program, which entails building three corridors throughout relatively rural parts of the state. One, the Southwest-Central Florida Connector, would link Polk County with […]

Taking the First Steps Towards Designing An Innovation District

Florida Polytechnic University President Randy Avent not only has a vision for the university he’s overseen for five years, but for the surrounding area. The area adjacent to Florida Poly’s Lakeland campus, which includes Auburndale, Polk City and unincorporated Polk County, could transform into an innovation district, where students and professors research the technology of […]

Aviation Initiative Plans to Promote Polk County to the World

As the aviation industry continues to grow worldwide, the Central Florida Development Council is excited to formalize the work of aviation advocates and professionals from across the county through the forming of a committee devoted to growing Polk County’s aviation impact. The new committee, chaired by Lakeland Linder International Airport Director Gene Conrad, has a […]

Citrus Connection Expanding Access

Polk County’s mass transit system, Citrus Connection, is set for growth as the county grows. But it’s not looking at today or tomorrow: It’s working on Re-Route 2020 and the expansion of services in East Polk. The mission – to ensure access to a bus ride is convenient for all. Last year, the bus service […]

Technology and Regulation Fuel Back-Office Functions

Automation and technology have changed some back-office jobs at two Polk County community banks, and industry regulations are changing things further, impacting their back-office operations. Though back-office operations are largely left unnoticed by customers these functions play a key role in keeping your money safe. And they’re a good fit in Polk County’s economy. “There […]

An Applied Math Degree Leads Harvard Student from Polk County to Wall Street

As Erick Meza prepares to graduate from Harvard University, he reflects on the education he received from Polk County Public Schools, one that helped prepare him for four rigorous years at the Ivy League college. Now 22, Erick graduated from the International Baccalaureate High School in Bartow, Florida in 2015. The son of Meliton and […]

Florida Poly Partners to Research and Test Self-Driving Vehicles

Florida Polytechnic University is achieving international attention for its Advanced Mobility Institute (AMI), signing a partnership with the only technological university in the Northern European country of Estonia. And that’s leading to greater momentum for the research and application of autonomous vehicle technology in Polk County and Central Florida. “Florida Poly is a public state […]

Slingshot Polk Engages Student Innovators

Growing our own entrepreneurs and keeping them in Polk County, especially in STEM-related fields, remains a focus the economic development community. To that end, SlingShot Polk encourages people under the age of 25 to innovate or design their own inventions and start their own businesses. To help, SlingShot Polk offers prize money to get the […]

Polk Grad Now SEU Nursing Student Balances School, Kids, Life

Alexis Dauphinais always considered going into the medical field, following in her parents’ footsteps. A second installment in our series showcasing students who attended Polk County Public Schools and are either pursuing degrees in STEM fields or recently started working in STEM-related jobs. Dauphinais, 28, is not the traditional college student on the campus of […]