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The latest headlines

Publix Donates $5 Million to Reduce Hunger in Seven States

Publix Super Markets Charities is once again donating $5 million to help feed the hungry in the seven states in which it operates. “It’s vitally important for us as a food retailer — it’s the biggest single impact we can make,” said Publix spokeswoman Maria Brous. “It’s the right thing to do. Mr. George instilled […]

Single-Family Homes: Five Reasons We’re Seeing Growth in Polk

Home building is once again on the upswing in Polk County and Central Florida, and a variety of factors figure into what one builder called steady growth. In the unincorporated parts of Polk County, 1,473 single-family permits were issued in the first six months of 2018, compared with 1,107 in the same time period in […]

Partnerships Provide Bright Future for SunTrax, Auburndale, Florida Polytechnic

New toll technology, driverless cars, and developments in mass transit will be developed and tested right here in Polk County. And that has a number of people excited about the construction of SunTrax in Auburndale. The Florida Turnpike Enterprise is designing, building and funding the $42 million test track that borders the Polk Parkway, where […]

Four Reasons Why You Should Care about Aviation in Polk

From blue skies to busy regional airports to education, Polk County and Central Florida have everything needed to ensure aviation remains an important part of our economy. “It’s a very critical aspect of what we are and who we are,” says Javier Marin, director of business development and global trade for the Central Florida Development […]

SM(art) Symposium Educates Attendees

The arts are alive in Polk County schools, teaching problem-solving, teamwork and organizational skills to thousands of students each year. And that’s translating into higher test scores and better graduation rates, according to data presented Aug. 1, 2018 at the fifth annual SM(art) Business Symposium. Beth Cummings, director of fine arts for the Polk County […]

Saddle Creek Delivers What You Need

Saddle Creek Logistics Services prides itself on 52 years of serving Polk County and Central Florida’s needs, whether transportation, warehousing or supply chain related. The family-owned company that started with 12,000-square-feet of warehouse space now owns locations from the Northeast to California and south to its headquarters in Lakeland. The company focuses on four areas: […]

Polk trade alliance returns from Farnborough with new relationships

If Polk County wants to play on the world stage, it has to think globally. And that’s exactly what’s happening as part of the Central Florida Development Council’s Polk Global Trade Alliance initiative. About a year old, the alliance “aspires to be the prime catalyst for the growth of international trade in Central Florida, and […]

Citrus Industry Diversification & New Technologies Increase Productivity

With so much grove land, commercial citrus production in Polk County makes a significant contribution to the economic impact of the region’s agribusiness sector, which makes up about $3 billion in sales each year. The Polk County is the second largest county in the state of Florida for citrus production with more than 71,000 acres […]

Executive Leadership Program Florida Poly

When runners need fuel, they binge on carbs. When cars need fuel, we gas them up. When leaders need fuel, they look to other leaders to help guide them. Local leaders will have a chance to engage with two professors emeritus from Harvard University and Florida Polytechnic faculty to fuel their brains, engage their creativity […]

Southeastern University Staff Selected for Study in Spain Workshop

Southeastern University’s Rachel Roskoski, coordinator of Study Abroad, was selected earlier this spring to participate in the semiannual Study in Spain Workshop hosted by EduEspañia and ICEX Españia Exportación e Inversiones. Over the past two years, Roskoski has participated in the Polk Global Trade Alliance (PGTA), an initiative of the Central Florida Development Council. The […]