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What We Believe

Innovation Drives Economic Growth

Our Mission: To lead the collaborative economic development efforts of the Polk Technology Region by promoting and growing an economy based on high-skill, high-wage sustainable and evolutionary businesses.

Polk County has many advantages for business, including access to a good supply of labor and central location, which provides a logistical advantage in shipping products.

Wade Groetsch
Blue Lake Citrus Products

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Citrus Still an Economic Engine for Florida

The impact of the Florida citrus industry on the state's economy remained stable, down just 0.7 percent over five years, despite an 18 percent loss in jobs during that period, primarily because of rapidly declining…

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Entomology Research Could Yield Solution to Citrus' Woes

entomologist kirsten pelz

Entomologist Kirsten Pelz-Stelin-ski has answered the call — more a plaintive cry for help really — to find a long-term solution to the fatal disease citrus greening. Pelz-Stelinski, an associate professor of insect microbial ecology at…

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