Publix Expands Headquarters in Lakeland

In 2018, to support their continued growth, Publix Super Markets announced plans to expand its corporate headquarters in Lakeland by adding a 190,000 square-foot building that will house an additional 700 associates. Publix expected the total capital investment for this expansion to exceed $40 million. 

Key Takeaways

Need for regional air hub with consumer connectivity and demand

Local Collaboration and innovative thinking to grow infrastructure capacity

Publix’s growth is made possible by the hard work of our associates and the loyalty of our customers. These additional jobs will help us support our store associates as they continue to provide the premier service our customers expect. We are proud of the role we continue to play in the great state of Florida.

Todd Jones, President & CEO

Company Need

With e-commerce on the rise and Florida’s fast-paced growth, Amazon needed a regional hub capable of receiving, sorting and repackaging goods for quick distribution. Air service allows the company an ideal solution to meet Prime member expectations for expedited delivery.  

Why Central Florida

With over 10 million consumers within a 100-mile radius, Polk County offered a consumption-driven profit margin and regional connectivity. Speed to market, rapid response incentive programs and a robust talent pipeline further equipped Amazon’s successful landing to Lakeland Linder.  


Amazon Air’s new airport operation at Lakeland Linder is tailored specifically to service Amazon Air’s larger-scale regional needs. In 2021, Amazon Air typically has over two-dozen flights per day in and out of LAL.  


Partnerships & Collaboration

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