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Florida Trend Profiles Polk County’s Economic Evolution

January 4, 2018 News, Success Stories

From healthcare and tourism to advanced manufacturing and logistics, nearly every major industry in Polk County has benefitted from a steady wave of economic and commercial development that has sparked the start of a new era for the central Florida community.

“Polk County, in recent years, has steered a course that marries a laid-back, friendly environment—the legacy of its rural heritage—with more urbane downtowns and stepped-up economic development,” Florida Trend writes. “The transformation of former phosphate pits into the upscale Streamsong Resort and golf course is just one symbol of the county’s economic evolution.”

With access to 10 million people within 100 miles and a five-year growth rate that’s surpassing the state’s, there’s no question that Polk County is on its way to becoming a large-scale economic force. Read Florida Trend’s full community profile to find out what’s driving Polk’s economic growth, including:

  • Why industry leaders like Amazon, Walmart and FedEx are investing in millions of square feet of warehouse and distribution space in Polk County.
  • Why Florida Trend is calling the STEM-focused Florida Polytechnic University one of the strongest symbols of the county’s economic diversification.
  • How a convenient location between two major metros and newly revitalized downtowns are attracting an influx of younger, urban-minded residents.
  • Where local companies are finding the tech-savvy graduates and specialized workforce required to position themselves for long-term success.

In addition to detailed information on Polk County’s business infrastructure, workforce and key industries, you’ll also find Florida Trend’s curated list of local must-know contacts—an indispensable list for anyone looking to do business in the county. Access the full article here.

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