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Southeastern Adds New Leadership and Programs

May 5, 2022 News, Talent Pipeline

Southeastern University started the 2021-22 academic year with new leadership in almost all its top-level positions. Now, those leaders are looking forward to the next year with a refreshed vision for several colleges and new degree programs.

Dr. Jeffrey Paul, dean of Southeastern’s Jannetides College of Business, Communication and Leadership, said this school year was a “maintenance year to keep things steady and maintain continuity. This coming year, we don’t have all our plans solidified yet, but we’re pursuing new goals.”

One focus will be alumni relations; exploring who the graduates are, positions they’re holding, challenges they’re facing and benefits they got from their degree.

“They can share their experience and expertise. What is the industry seeing now? What holes or blindspots do we have that we can address within our programs?”

The big news for Jannetides is it is absorbing the Department of Communication, Arts, and Technology which has him learning about everything from journalism and fine arts to broadcasting and film. 

“Typically, those programs would not be in the College of Business, but we’re excited about the partnership,” he said, emphasizing that communication skills are critical in any college and for any degree. “It’s all about storytelling. For students, that’s selling themselves and their services to get an internship or a job. Understanding what your purpose is and being able to tell your story is a unique focus for us.”

Southeastern University's Jannetides College of Business, Communication and Leadership

Higher education is moving more toward multi- and cross-disciplinary programs, creating well-rounded students, he said. “While maintaining a focus on their degree program, they will use elements from other disciplines to be more successful.” Programs like film and fine arts, music and journalism will remain intact, with the same faculty members, he said. 

Big Picture

From a 30,000-foot level, Paul is interested in learning about the challenges other departments face, and what their solutions are. “My eyes are opening a little; there are different ways to handle similar challenges. A lot of concerns are very similar, like helping students understand what their unique purpose is. We want to make sure they have confidence and competence to go into the world and make a difference.”

Jannetides will also:

  • Absorb the sport management program. “I’m excited to be able to use my experience in that area to help students find jobs and internships.”
  • Renew its focus on the nearly 2-year-old Tourism and Hospitality Management program. Hiring a full-time faculty member and marketing the program and be proactive in seeking organizations interested in graduates. “The more quality students we get, the better relationships with businesses we have. The realities of the industry are that (since Covid) it’s had trouble maintaining quality employees. People are asking us for interns and graduates.” 

Southeastern’s New MSN Nursing Degree

Beginning in the fall of 2022, SEU will offer an online-only Master of Science in Nursing (MSN). This program will be preparing working nurses who want to advance their careers but need flexibility to further their education. 

Beginning in the fall of 2022, Southeastern will offer an online-only Master of Science in Nursing.

“There is a critical need in Polk County for health care providers,” said Dr. Aimee Franklin, dean of the College of Natural and Health Sciences. “Earning an advanced degree in nursing helps fill a need specifically for advanced providers. Furthermore, it supplies individuals who are equipped to mentor, teach and train new and young nurses, which is essential for retention in the health-care field.”

The annual job growth outlook for MSN qualified nurses is 26% compared to 16% for registered nurses, she said.

Nurses will take the same core curriculum, then pick between two tracks: nursing education and nursing administration. In addition to the 12-hour core curriculum, students in each program will take 20 hours of coursework and at least 200 practicum hours.

Nursing Administration Track

The Nursing Administration track teaches nurses the skills and knowledge necessary to guide daily operations in a variety of health care settings. The Nursing Education track prepares nurses to teach in either an academic or health care setting by providing expertise in teaching strategies and curriculum design. 

“Nurses have been overwhelmed with caring for individuals during the pandemic and need the flexibility of 100% online studies in order to provide a sound structure for balancing both work and life,” said Director of Nursing Susan Tasker-Weaver.

Franklin said students learn beyond the coursework. “At Southeastern, we promote relationships between faculty and students that enrich learning and personal growth. Our faculty care about each individual student and desire to help them reach their potential to serve the others and community.” 

For more information about Southeastern’s nursing programs, visit

Paul and Franklin teamed up to develop another degree program: Science and Business. Students who select that program, which also begins in fall 2022, will take science and business classes to position themselves for careers in medical or pharmaceutical sales or to enter health care administration.

New Degree Program, New Dean

Southeastern also announced that Executive Vice President Chris Owen will serve as the dean of the Barnett College of Ministry and Theology. That college is also launching a new degree program – the Doctor of Missiology. Developed by the Southeastern University Global Ministry Network within the Hoskins School of Mission, the program is in collaboration with the university’s global partner, OneHope.

The program is starting in the fall of 2022. It’s designed to enhance the practice of missiological, strategic and educational leadership for national, multinational and global leaders who work in faith-based, missional contexts.

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