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Springer Construction Rebrands as SpringerVoss to Recognize Contributions of Its President 

May 14, 2024 News

When Cole Springer and Jeremy Voss purchased Springer Construction in 2018, they were equal partners. The construction management firm did well during those years, experiencing revenue growth of 100% — from $11.9 million in 2020 to $24 million in 2022 – and increasing its workforce from 10 to 16, earning it a spot on GrowFL’s Companies to Watch list. Voss served as president and CEO, a title he still holds. The company is now known as SpringerVoss

“It made sense to add Jeremy’s name to the business as he has been a major contributing factor to the company’s overall success,” said Springer, son of Rob Peterson, who founded the company in 1987 and ran it until 2018.

“There is no doubt our company would not be where it is today if it weren’t for his leadership and guidance,” Springer said. “To serve in the role as President/CEO, have a 50% ownership stake in the company and not have your name on it didn’t seem right. To Jeremy’s credit, he was more concerned about building the company than he was changing the name; that says a lot about his character and how selfless he is as a leader/business partner.” 

Staying Committed To Company Values

Voss said the company has been working on growing and establishing its brand while staying true to the roots of the company and its family history. “As we were rounding out our fifth year and entering year six, we were able to focus some of our energy on rebranding the company. The name change was to symbolize and recognize both of us as partners in the business.”  

He said he hopes the change conveys “our commitment to a unified brand and our core values. 

SpringerVoss Construction places the value of its culture above all else. “It focuses on its employees to ensure they have the correct tools in the correct environment, so projects are successful,” Voss said.

More on the story of Jeremy Voss & Cole Springer on running a successful construction company.

When the company’s name changed in November 2023, some congratulated Voss on becoming a partner. “I found that to be quite humorous, as Cole and I have been equal owners of the company since day one. Rebranding just made it seem more official and carried an outward appearance of equal ownership.” He said the name change is “exciting and humbling. It is as if I am living out a childhood dream.”  

Future Plans for SpringerVoss Construction

“Our focus was on growing a successful business and building relationships,” Voss said. “After five years of hard work it feels good to be rebranding the [SpringerVoss Construction] company and to be recognized as a leader and not just an employee. What I feel most honored about is the loyalty and commitment from our team members and their belief in and willingness to stand behind the vision we have been mapping out. Our work family is what makes our brand — I just help keep the wheels turning. No one can do this stuff alone; they are what inspires me and that is what makes me feel honored.” 

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