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The Faces of Helping Polk Prosper

November 14, 2019 News
The Central Florida Development Council team was recently featured in the Faces of Orlando feature in Orlando Magazine: 

As Polk County continues to grow and diversify, the Central Florida Development Council is engaging stakeholders to join the ride into the future.

Leading the way toward developing the high-tech Central Florida Innovation District, anchored by SunTrax and Florida Polytechnic University, Polk County’s economic development arm serves as the catalyst for collaboration with its partners in business, government and education.


Key to building on the research and development of emerging technology occurring at the Advanced Mobility Institute at Florida Poly, SunTrax allows researchers to test and verify their advancements at the 475-acre facility. Its central location adds to the multimodal attraction of Polk County, known for its miles of rail, proximity to two major international airports, foreign-trade zone, and access to interstate and toll highways. The Central Florida Development Council leads the way to diversify the economy of one of the largest counties in Florida, attracting new companies like Nucor Florida, Molekule and Amazon Air. In the past 18 months, it’s helped lure $450M+ in new capital investment that has added 2,400+ jobs to the economy.

Florida’s Best Place for Business

Together, the Central Florida Development Council and its partners are transforming Polk County, building a resilient and robust economy. A region anchored in manufacturing, agriculture, aviation, logistics and high-tech. With facilities like SunTrax, Polk County is Florida’s Best Place for Business, positioned to transform the future and ensure continued expansion within a global marketplace.


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