Polk County’s Growth Brings Need for Diverse Housing Inventory

December 19, 2022 News

Polk County ranks No. 10 in net migration. Along with that growth comes the need for increased housing inventory and a diverse selection of housing options. Lightcast (formerly Emsi Burning Glass) has been developing its Talent Attraction Scorecard “to help communities understand how they were doing at attracting and developing talent to help meet this […]

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Polk State College President Talks About Growth, a New Campus and the Hispanic Population

December 16, 2022 News

Polk State President Angela Garcia Falconetti has been in her job five years now, and she’s using her experience there and as a former chair of the Central Florida Development Council to Polk State’s advantage – in this case, championing the need for a new campus to serve the burgeoning northeast portion of Polk County.   […]

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FSC’s Physical Therapy Program Helps Fill Needs Among Growing Populations

December 15, 2022 News

With an aging and more diverse population in Polk County, the need for more physical therapists is increasing, and Florida Southern College’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Program (DPT) is working to close the gap.   The Lakeland college started its program in 2019 following a needs assessment. Nationally, about 15,000 openings for physical therapists will exist […]

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Polk Ranks Top 10 in Talent Attraction

December 8, 2022 News

The need for talent ranks high in many markets, and Polk County is no different. Ranked Top 10 in talent attraction by Lightcast – showcased its retention of a skilled workforce and diversification of opportunity. In Lightcast’s (formerly Emsi Burning Glass) 2022 Talent Attraction Scorecard, which the company produces “to help communities understand how they […]

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Health Sciences Economic Impact Growing with the County’s Population 

November 28, 2022 News

Health care’s economic impact spans everything from doctors and nurses to sterile instrument manufacturing and medical research. With such a broad array of people and companies contributing to the fast-growing sector of the Polk County economy, its impact continues to increase.  Announcements from companies like Assure Infusions, building a state-of-the-art fully automated pharmaceutical manufacturing facility […]

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AdventHealth Continues to Grow to Care for Polk County Residents  

November 25, 2022 News

AdventHealth is a relatively new name in Polk County but its continued growth within the area means more access to health care for residents and visitors alike.   “Polk County is one of Florida’s fastest-growing regions and it’s important that health-care services keep pace so the communities we will serve there can also be amongst the […]

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Orlando Health Brings Its Reputation, Quality Health Care to Polk County

November 23, 2022 News

“When we first announced, we really didn’t have complete market data,” said Orlando Health CEO Jamal Hakim, the doctor who oversees the daily operations and management of all Orlando Health hospitals and their patient care. “We knew a presence was necessary. As we got our fingers into things there, it was apparent the growth in […]

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Five Polk Colleges Prepare Students for Health Sciences Careers

November 22, 2022 News, Talent Pipeline

As Polk County remains a hotbed for growth in the medical and health sciences fields, our local institutions of higher education continue to adapt their current programs and add new ones to ensure a strong and talented health sciences workforce to support the industry.  Lakeland Regional Health is building new facilities in North and South […]

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Attracting Doctors to Polk County 

November 21, 2022 News

Physician training excels as two Polk County providers, Lakeland Regional Health and Winter Haven Hospital, build programs of excellence.   “As the population in Polk County grows, so does the need for access to reliable, high-quality care,” said Nancy Finnigan, Designated Institutional Official at Lakeland Regional Health (LRH), which will officially launch its GME program […]

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Medical Sciences Sector Continues to Grow Serving the Public and Offering Jobs 

November 16, 2022 News

Ideally located, with thousands of people flowing into Polk County every year, the health sciences industry is growing. The need for exemplary health care – services, research and manufacturing – has never been higher.   Our growth encompasses many ages, from young people who generally do not require much medical care to seniors who may frequent […]

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