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CFDC’s Build a Balanced Life Video Series Showcase Young Professionals at Work & Home

July 11, 2024 News, Talent Pipeline

Having a work/life balance is important to many young professionals who are trying to advance in their careers while still finding time to devote to their families. 

In Polk County, having a healthy work/life balance is very attainable. Those profiled in the “Build a Balanced Life” video series at pay homage to this possibility.

The Central Florida Development Council has worked with Indie Atlantic Films to showcase some of the unique attributes that make Polk County the place to do business along with the place to raise a family and have fun. 

“With career development and entrepreneurship opportunities across industries, you’ll sharpen your skills while sporting an endless summer,” reads a lead-in to the series. “Learn why these local professionals, entrepreneurs and community members choose to put down roots in Polk.” 

Sean Malott, President & CEO of the CFDC, said the series spotlights Polk County’s many offerings. 

“Not everyone knows how vibrant the county is, and how many more offerings pop up each month,” he said. “A few years ago, we did not have The Joinery, and now a similar multi-restaurant concept, Depot 303, is opening in Mulberry. The county and cities continue to improve parks and recreation, and just recently local philanthropists opened Bonnet Springs Park in Lakeland. It is improvements like these that keep Polk County relevant and exciting.” 

Here’s what a few of those profiled share in their videos. 

Project Specialist Career

Matthew Bumpus is the senior Project Specialist for A-C-T Environmental & Infrastructure. Bumpus said he enjoys working for a family-owned business. His job entails large environmental disaster response and hurricane preparedness, among other things. 

Still of Matthew from his Build A Balanced Life segment

However, he also loves what happens after work, when he can do things like go to a local park with his family.

Matthew loves to golf and take his boat out on the Chain of Lakes in Winter Haven. But, as his video shows, there are other activities he can partake in like attending a Detroit Tigers spring training game, or visiting the tranquil Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales. 

“You have all the convenience to get to big areas without being in the middle of it,” he said. “Polk County has its own theme parks, events, its own activities — and it’s only growing.” 

And, he said, “taxes are a little better.” By living in a state without a state income tax he can use the money saves from that for activities with his family.  

 “Polk County is home. It has everything you need on a daily basis, plus all the fun stuff on top. It makes it super easy to stay focused on family while still being able to maintain and grow a career.” 

Career in Health Sciences

Yiliam Silbiger was born in Cuba, but grew up in Peru before moving to Tampa. She got her Associate of Science in Nursing degree at Polk State College. Yiliam then moved out of state, always knowing “I wanted to come back to Polk,” she said.  

Still of Yiliam from her Build A Balanced Life segment

“I wanted to work in the area I graduated from. I also love the small city feel with all the amenities a large city has.” 

That small city feel includes traveling easily to all parts of the county. She lives in Bartow, works in Lake Wales, dines in Lakeland and visits her in-laws in Winter Haven. “It’s just so easy to get from one area to another,” she said. 

As a senior nurse manager for Advent Health of Lake Wales, her goal is to help each person who enters the hospital- on what she said could potentially be their worst day of the month or year. “It’s an experience they remember. I’m a nurse and a leader because I want to make that day better for them.” 

Silbiger enjoys working for Advent Health. “When your talents are valued, you just feel appreciated. You wake up and you want to come to work.” 

“Quality of life is important to me as well because it really drives your happiness and really fulfills your purpose in life, and that really means enjoying every day to the fullest.” 

IT Career in Manufacturing Sector

Nicholas Carlson, the IT supervisor at Nucor Steel Florida, loves the outdoors. He especially loves hunting and fishing, which he can do year-round in Central Florida. 

Still of Nicholas from his Build A Balanced Life segment

At Nucor’s micro mill, the goal is to become “the world’s safety steel company,” he said. That means automating some of the processes. In networking, “everything has to talk to each other very quickly, it has to be consistent. Our goal is to make sure the technology is up to date to keep people safe.” 

A Navy veteran who used to visit Florida on vacation, Carlson said he enjoys things like farmers’ markets and First Fridays. “There are great communities in Polk County. Coming from the military, we are a very tight, close-knit community. There is a different type of community here, but it’s very welcoming.” 

In Polk County, there’s always something to do, whether it’s going to the beach, a theme park or something else. “Quality of life is more about thriving and not just surviving. It’s having those fun activities, friends and the relationships you have. I truly think Florida has something for everybody.”  

Work/ Life Balance is Achievable

Additional highlights within the series showcase careers in architecture and construction thanks to partners at The Lunz Group and SpringerVoss Construction.

As these young professionals can attest, work/life balance is in reach living in Polk County. There are so many exciting and entertaining activities in the county, with the majority being family-friendly. Major amusement parks, additional international airports are accessible within just an hours drive in two neighboring major metros.

Polk has an amazing community and many businesses with genuine and hard-working individuals. The bottom is line is- you can advance in your career while maintaining a work/life balance. 

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