The Lunz Group

The Lunz Group is an architectural firm in Lakeland, Florida. The group produces beautiful spaces that inhabit a feeling of pleasure and efficiency. Since its creation in 1987, the firm more recently has acquired Graham Design Associates as it expands. The Lunz Group holds true to its values and believes “good communication produces good design”.

The Lunz Group is also a collaborating partner with the CFDC helping to design and develop the Central Florida Innovation District.

Brad Lunz
President and CEO, Little Blue Heron

58 Lake Morton Drive
Lakeland, FL 33801
(863) 682-1882

About Brad

Brad Lunz serves as the president and CEO of Little Blue Heron, a family of companies that encompass the intersection of science, art and technology. Through his nontraditional career path, Brad brings experience in multiple industries, skillsets and cultures. A registered architect, second-generation owner of his family’s architecture firm (The Lunz Group), internationally published thought leader, and renowned entrepreneur, Brad has grown a more than 35-year company into a diverse ecosystem of businesses. 

Brad brings more than 20 years’ business experience ranging from architectural design to entertainment to real estate and beyond. In 2020, he set out to grow his company into a passion through mergers and acquisitions. As the Founder of The Apiary, Brad created a studio specializing in high-quality visualization for projects, which ultimately would diversify to provide content-driven experiences across a variety of markets. He brings his entrepreneurial mindset through a variety of businesses outside of the organization as well. Today, he serves as an investor and partner in development and real estate groups, food and beverage production, and IT/Technology companies, to name a few.

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