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Medical Sciences Sector Continues to Grow Serving the Public and Offering Jobs 

November 16, 2022 News

Ideally located, with thousands of people flowing into Polk County every year, the health sciences industry is growing. The need for exemplary health care – services, research and manufacturing – has never been higher.  

Our growth encompasses many ages, from young people who generally do not require much medical care to seniors who may frequent several doctors, clinics or hospitals a week. Add to that the 196,374 — 27% of Polk’s population – who are age 60 or over and the roughly 45,000 veterans (not all get health care through the Veterans Administration) already in Polk County and demand swells.  

That growth is one reason the Central Florida Development Council (CFDC) has health sciences as one of its targeted sectors. In addition to being home to the state’s 12th and newest univeristy, Florida Polytechnic University, focused soley on STEM related studies. The CFDC is playing a key leadership role in recruiting health sciences companies like Assure Infusions. Assure Infusions is a pharmaceutical manufacturing company that is building a facility to manufacture sterile IV fluids in Bartow.  

The council highlights Polk’s location in the center of the country’s third-largest state; its business-friendly climate; proximity to airports, ports and rail; available land; and more. 

It also is ensuring an adequate supply of doctors and nurses. It does so by supporting our hospitals and clinics, as well as five institutions of higher education that are training the healthcare workers of tomorrow.  

Medical Assets

All that comes together in the county’s medical institutions, which encompass everything from Lakeland Regional Health, BayCare Winter Haven Hospital and Central Florida Health Care to AdventHealth and Orlando Health, which has entered the market with plans to build a new hospital in South Lakeland.  

These organizations are developing innovative programs and partnerships to further enhance the county’s reputation as a top-rate supplier of health-care services. For instance:  

  • Winter Haven Hospital partnered with Florida State University to create a program to attract primary care doctors here. 
  • Lakeland Regional Health is in the process of starting a Graduate Medical Education program that will allow medical students to do their residencies here. The program is scheduled to start in July 2023. 

Continuing to grow the health sciences sector allows residents access to high-quality medical care while providing thousands with good-paying jobs. Other benefits include:  

  • Research and clinical trials are nearby. 
  • Facilities pay taxes, helping to keep our taxes low. 
  • Many employees live and work in Polk County, which means they are spending a portion of their hard-earned money here, supporting local businesses.  

Polk County and the CFDC work together to tout the benefits to those looking to move or expand here. To find out more about the opportunities to introduce or expand your company here, contact Javier Marin at  


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